5th May, 2015 / Sorroundings

In the hinterland of Riccione history, culture and traditions blend with adventure, sport and local curiosities, opening in front of you evocative and moving paths.

The territory offers different opportunities to the lovers of a dynamic and energetic physical activity, with wide possibilities of performing all the sport activities that you prefer, but with its gentle hills and its soft and verdant valleys, it is also perfect to welcome you and cradle you in relaxing and restful atmospheres.

How can you not fall in love with the backcountry of Romagna? The more you take part to Excursions in the Hinterland of Riccione to discover its treasures, the more you will be enchanted and seduced. Visit the adjacent burgs and castles to learn about the culture of the population of Romagna shielded still untouched within ancient walls and medieval villages kept intact like small jewels.

The towns of the coast, towards the sea, are gently nestled by hilly villages, painted and scented by flowers and seasonal fruits.

Visit the castles, the fortresses, the burgs of the two gentle valleys surrounded by Conca and Marecchia rivers, overlooked by welcoming and typical villages.