See you next season

Dear Guests,

Hotel Ermeti arrived at summer 2017.

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for choosing our hotel to spend your relaxing time in Riccione.

We wish you a peaceful continuation of the year and we look forward to seeing all of you again next summer!

A warm hug from

Oriana, Lea, Lina, Nora and all Hotel Ermeti Staff

Amusement park

As for amusement park we have Luna Park of Riccione, called “Ricciolandia” set up by 60 attractions for adults and children. Luna Park of Riccione is one of the biggest of Riviera Romagnola.

In addition to Ricciolandia, Riccione offers the most famour aqua park of Europe, “Aquafan”, 100 square meters of surface, more than 3km of slides, shows, entertainment, music and fashion. But above all, “Aquafan” is more than an aqua park. Since 1987 until now, Aquafan has been one of the most famous amusement parks. Riccione has always known how to leave its mark on fashion and trends, gaining a representative role as observatory and laboratory of trends and languages.

As for another important attraction, we have the dolphins’ lagoon, “Oltremare”. Adventure, amusement, discovery. The biggest Dolphins’ Lagoon of Europe, the most incredible sea horses coming from all over the world, the meeting with the animals of the Factory, the habitat of Po River Delta, the flight path of birds of prey, the hospital of turtles, the green paths, the impact of the meteorite, 110 square meters for the most exciting homage to our Planet and our Sea, where the entertainment is also an occasion of an experience full of learning contents.



We have reductions with the most important amusement parks.


sottomenu-parchi-oltremare sottomenu-parchi-mirabilandia sottomenu-parchi-italia-miniatura
sottomenu-parchi-fiabilandia sottomenu-parchi-aquafan sottomenu-parchi-acquario

Sport and relax

/ Sport

Sport and Relax in Riccione. For what concerns Sport, Riccione is full of sport facilities, from swimming to track and field.

Swimming Stadium of Riccione
Polisportiva Riccione
Via Monterosa, 60
47838 Riccione
tel. 0541644410
Palazzetto dello Sport
Playhall srl
Via Carpi,
47838 Riccione
tel. 0541760358

Five-a-side football fields Sportive Centre Marano

Viale D’Annunzio, 138
47838 Riccione (RN)

Skating Giardini Montanari

Viale Milano, 2
47838 Riccione (RN)

Covered Council Skating Centre

Via Carpi, 28
47838 Riccione (RN)

Track and Field Trail
Manager Comune di Riccione
Via Forlimpopoli, 15
47838 Riccione (RN)
tel. 0541426031-426043

Burgs and castles

The backcountry of Rimini, rich of ancient burgs and castles, nature and wine and food itineraries, it offers emotions that will make your holiday at the sea even more special.

1. Coriano
2. Gemmano
3. Mondaino
4. Montecolombo
5. Montefiore Conca
6. Montegridolfo
7. Monte Scudo
8. Morciano di Romagna
9. Saludecio
10. San Giovanni Marignano
11. Santarcangelo di Romagna
12. Montebello
13. San Marino