Shopping a Riccione

This is a list of the best clothing shops to go shopping in Riccione departing from our Hotel. A few steps away you have the promenade with many little shops, but also Viale Dante and Viale Ceccarini:

  • Antonia Boutique Viale Dante, 15 – Riccione
  • Borbonese Viale Ceccarini, 63 – Riccione
  • Boutique Iceberg Viale Antonio Gramsci, 4 – Riccione
  • Calzedonia Viale Ceccarini, 35 – Riccione
  • D-Store Viale Ceccarini, 59 – Riccione
  • Emporio Armani Viale Ceccarini, 10 – Riccione
  • Ferretti Viale Ceccarini, 25, – Riccione
  • Folli Follie Viale Ceccarini, 56 – Riccione
  • Fumetti Viale Corridoni, 3/A – Riccione
  • Gaudenzi Boutique Viale Ceccarini 5 – Riccione
  • LR 1973 Le Scarpe Via Antonio Gramsci, 5 – Riccione
  • Massimo Rebecchi Viale Ceccarini, 111 – Riccione
  • Movie Star Viale Ceccarini, 63 – Riccione
  • One Box Srl Viale Ceccarini, 94 – Riccione
  • Pokers Viale Dante 31 – Riccone
  • Roberto Botticielli Viale Ceccarini, 35/B – Riccione
  • Sisley Viale Ceccarini, 39 – Riccione
  • Strategia Viale Ceccarini, 68 – Riccione
  • Tamagnini Le Scarpe Viale Ceccarini, 33 – Riccione
  • Tentoni Boutique Viale Ceccarini, 53 – Riccione
  • Tru Trussardi Viale Ceccarini, 24 – Riccione
  • Twin Set Viale Ceccarini, 46 – Riccione

Beach and sea

The beach and the sea of Riccione with its perfect organization and pleasantness of its lifeguards, are famous all over the world.

The beach of Riccione is set up of 135 beach properties , every morning they offer the show of a beach always neat and clean, 41 rescue stations monitor the security of tourists, shady beached with 3500 beach umbrellas and tents where every guest can live the dream of a holiday at the sea that is really satisfying.

And also the parties on the beach, the places dedicated to the sports in the sand, the baby points and whatever your imagination can dream and the reality confirms.

Congresses and Exhibitions in Riccione

For every need linked to Conventions and Trade Shows in Riccione, Hotel Ermeti, opened in summer time, can be the perfect solution.

Its refined and discreet setting of a 3-star hotel, hosts you as a reference point to reach the main trade shows and conventions in Riccione and Rimini.

Palacongressi of Riccione has been totally realized in glass and steel dedicated to high technology, to design, and to environmental compatibility, created to respect and to adapt to the surrounding environment.

Palazzo dei Congressi of Riccione can adjust itself to any request, it can be transformed to offer the possibility to personalize every event that takes place right inside.
Riccione guarantees excellent exhibitions and events, from grand opera to sport, all available and updated day by day on the website:

Hot springs and wellness

The thermal bath of Riccione makes available a National Sanitary Service for respiratory and auditory apparatus dysfunctions, osteoarticular and dermatological diseases , for gastrointestinal and urinary apparatus and peripheral venous circle. The physical therapy, that finds an important help in thermal water, uses a dedicated section, where the synergy among hydrokinetic therapy, physiotherapy and physical therapies will optimize the results for every patient.

Oasi Spa
, the wellness centre of Riccione Terme, offers personalized beauty treatments and Sensory Thermal Path, 1500 square meters of emotions, where it is possible to relax one’s body with activities in thermal water.

For your health and wellness in Riccione, you can add to the benefits of thermal water the pleasure of a stay at the sea.

The services of Hotel Ermeti, joined to the Thermal Baths and Wellness in Riccione, are a mix of psychophysical wellness for a holiday of real pleasure at the sea.