5th May, 2015 / Sorroundings

Visit Repubblica di San Marino, situated a few kilometers away from the Adriatic coast and castled on Monte Titano. Republic of San Marino was founded, according to the legend, by the consecrated Marino who took shelter here after the persecutions of Diocleziano. Legend and history are linked to a landscape of great beauty. The three towers, the fortress, Cesta, Montale, like sentinels, they watch the wall line that outlines the top of steep cliffs. The small roads of the town offer the privilege of enjoying spots, city quarters, small squares and views that every visitor will discover. Many things to see. Visit Repubblica di San Marino departing from Riccione, in a short time you can go shopping in the outlets or go for a walk through the ancient secular fortress of the Republic of San Marino, the most ancient of the world.